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Our goal is to provide Metro Louisville with a quality concrete product that last for years to come.  Our metered concrete trucks mix 1A air entrained cement, sand,, rock and water on the customer's site.  This process enables us to provide fresh concrete that the customer can work within a timely manner.  Our onsite batch trucks also allow customers to pay only for what they use.  This is important to our customer's pockets as well as keeping down excess waste.  This is our way in helping to keep America Green.

We offer concrete at 5 different strengths of mix.  Concrete strength mixes are measured by the amount of cement per square inch (psi).  The higher the psi number the strong the concrete.

Typical concrete mixes are:

  • 2500 psi mix (recommended for footers only)
  • 3000 psi mix (for sidewalks and job with little traffic)
  • 3500 psi mix (recommended for most jobs with moderate traffic)
  • 4000 psi mix (recommended for heavy traffic and commercial work)
  • 4500 psi mix (for use in industrial and commercial work)

We also offer concrete sealer, expansion joints, and aggregate retarded.  Wire mesh and rebar is provided for customers only, when needed.